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Guillermo Barrón

Percussionist, composer and session musician, born in San Luis Potosí, México. Barrón has developed his style with different ensembles that cover a wide range of musical genres and styles, such as classical music, pop, flamenco, Mexican music, salsa and Latin jazz, among others. He has performed with many international artists and bands: José Feliciano, The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra, Luisito Quintero and his Band 3rd Element, Charlie Sepúlveda, Ralph Irizarry,  Oscar Stagnaro, Roby Lakatos, Antonio Lizana, Héctor Martignon, John Benitez, Manolito Rodriguez, Xiomara Laugart, Afro Bop Alliance Big Band, and the salsa singers Roberto Blades, Rafu Warner, Pepito Gómez, Paquito Guzmán and Miguel Ángel Barcasnegras “Meñique”, just to name a few. Guillermo has toured Europe, Asia, Oceania and America with José Feliciano and Project Grand Slam.


Barron attended the Caribbean Music and Jazz program at the Conservatory in Puerto Rico, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, and studied under the direction of Paoli Mejias (percussionist for Carlos Santana), Andrew Lázaro, Fidel Morales and Luis Marín, among others. He also has a master's degree in "Business Management in the Music Industry" by International University of La Rioja in Spain.


Guillermo Barrón has one musical production under his belt, “¿CUÁL ES LA PRISA?” (What’s the rush?), that includes original compositions and arrangements, and that cover his main musical influences: Latin-American music, jazz and flamenco, from which emerges a contemporary Latin Jazz. Additionally, he has also been part of a great selection of musical recordings, sharing credits with Mark Guiliana, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tim Pierce (Michael Jackson, Madonna and others), Miguel Zenon, Eddie Gomez, Marcus Gilmore, John Benitez, Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, Dayna Stephens, Paoli Mejias, Axel Tosca, Jorge Pardo and many others.


He currently works as a session musician for several record productions and is percussionist for the famous mexican band "Los Acosta". Also is artist of Bosphorus Cymbals.


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The most important thing for me in this record, is that you can appreciate his great maturity as a composer. This is something that goes beyond only being a percussionist and transcends into being a musician with a great capability for composing, and also from the view of a jazz percussionist. You can enjoy listening to his knowledge on rhythms of Bomba Siká, his playing on the Batá drums being very well mixed with the melody and all of the creativity of the persussion displayed along the arrangements. Anyway, I can say that I already knew that Guillermo Barrón or “Memo” as we affectionately call him, had what it takes to make a record such as this.

Paoli Mejias (percussionist for Carlos Santana)

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Latest collaborations


With Santana and Buika - 
Breaking Down the Door

Latin percussion set solo. Performing with Jose Feliciano in Sidney, Australia

Playing cajon set - Guillermo Barrón Quartet

Performing at Blue Note New York with Alex Conde Trio

Upcoming performances 2022

  • March 11th - Whit Los Acosta - Atlixco, Mx

  • March 12th - With Los Acosta- Zacatecas, Mx

  • March 18th - With Los Acosta - Puebla, Mx

  • March 19th - With Los Acosta - Nanacamilpa, Mx

  • March 20th - With Los Acosta - San José Iturbide, Mx

  • March 26th - With Los Acosta - Cuautla, Mx

  • April 1st - With Los Acosta -  Apizaco, Mx

  • April 2nd - With Los Acosta - Atizapan, Mx

  • April 3rd -  With Los Acosta - Chilpancingo, Mx

  • April 8th - Performing at the "Peña Flamenca" show with Luna Cabal - San Luis Potosí, Mx

  • April 9th - With Los Acosta - Huehuetoca, Mx

  • April 10th - With Cabal y Fuego (flamenco-fusion) - San Luis Potosí, Mx

  • April 17th - Performing at the International Cultural Festival of Zacatecas with Luis Humberto Ramos Trio (classic/jazz) - Zacatecas, Mx

  • April 30th - With Los Acosta - Oaxaca, Mx

  • May 4th - With Los Acosta - Villagran, Mx

  • May 7th - With Los Acosta - Veracruz, Mx

  • May10th - With Los Acosta - Tehuacan, Mx

  • May 13th  - With Los Acosta - San Carlos, Mx

  • May 14th - With Los Acosta - Perote, Mx

  • May 21st - With Los Acosta - Texcoco, Mx

  • May 26th - With Los Acosta - Abasolo, Mx

  • May 27th - With Los Acosta - Chignahuapan, Mx

  • May 28th - With Los Acosta - Ixtlahuaca, Mx

  • May 29th - With Los Acosta - Villa Guerrero, Mx

  • June 4th - With Los Acosta - Perote, Mx

  • June 12th - With Los Acosta - San Salvador Huixcolotla, Mx

  • June 15th - With Los Acosta - Tepatitlan, Mx

  • June 17th - With Los Acosta - Villa Nicolás Romero, Mx

  • June 23rd - With Los Acosta - Chiapas, Mx


And many more...

Past dates 2020

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  • February 7th. The Park Theater, Glens Falls, NY - Villalobos Brothers 

  • February 8th. PAC Purchase, Purchase, NY – Villalobos Brothers

  • February 14th. Multicultural Arts Center, Boston, MA - A Palo Seco Flamenco Dance Company

  • February Guadalupe Inn, Brooklyn, NY – Nixtaband

  • February 16th. Resorts World Casino NYC, Queens, NY – Trifon Dimitrov Latin Jazz Band

  • February 17th. Sala One Nine, New York, NY – Flamenco Inside Out

  • February Havana Central, New York, NY - Tres del Solar

  • February 21th. My Father’s Place, Roslyn, NY – Project Grand Slam

  • February 22th. Arlington Music Hall, Arlington, TX – Afro Bop Alliance Big Band

  • February 24th. University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK - Afro Bop Alliance Big Band

  • February 27th. Corbin Recital Hall, San Jacinto College Cental, Pasadean, TX - Afro Bop Alliance Big Band

  • February 29th. Terraza 7, Queens, NY – Antonio Lizana

  • March 2nd. Lehman College, Bronx, NY – Radio Jarocho

  • March 7th. Terraza 7, Queens, NY – Festejation



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