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Guillermo Barrón

Percussionist, session musician, composer

The most important thing for me in this record, is that you can appreciate his great maturity as a composer. This is something that goes beyond only being a percussionist and transcends into being a musician with a great capability for composing, and also from the view of a jazz percussionist...

Paoli Mejias (Santana's percussionist)

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Upcoming dates

Aug 7th with Laura Rebolloso y el Ensamble Marinero - Jazztlax Festivla - Tlaxcala, Mex.

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Aug 14th with Villalobos Brothers - Sun Valley Music Festival - Sun Valley, ID, USA

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Sep 3rd, 4th and 5th with Cesar Secundino and "Cabal y Fuego" - VIII Festival Internacional de Jazz JMZ - San Luis Potosí/Real de Catorce, Mex.

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Oct 16th with Guillermo Barrón Latin Jazz Trio @ Bajoceiba - San Luis Potosí, Mex.


Oct 30th with Luna y Cantera Flamenco @ Container Park 7B, San Luis Potosí, Mx.


Nov 1st with México National Jazz Orchestra - Festival Cultural de las Calaveras, Aguascalientes, Mx.

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Nov 6th with Afinque Orquesta - Global Beer Fest, San Luis Potosí, Mx.

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Nov 12th with Jimmy Rodriguez & SC2 @ La Bamba Salsa Club, San Luis Potosí, Mx.


Dec 4th with Afromestizo Ensamble @ Casa Bauen, San Luis Potosí, Mx.

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